Additional Information

Alert Name: is the Situation button’s name creation. This determines the subject matter and is automatically inserted into the 911ip Text Message when  tapped on, in Apple, and held down on in Android.

2. Message: This is your blank slate. repeating free form.  But when used for 911ip, it has a standard format.

Copy and Paste the below information  between the ( ? ) into the Message section.

These targeted answers are very important in most 911 situations



@Home =  A

@Jurisdiction = B

@XY = C

@Name = D


(  A.  This can change for @Work, @School, @Business, etc. Your address with unit#, city, state, zip )

(  B. You will need to call Non emergency 911 and give them your addresses.

So 911 can give you the jurisdiction of your address.

This will also check another fatal flaw of 911. Your address not being in the correct 911 jurisdiction or it’s wrong.)

(  C. This is your addresses XY coordinates and pin points your location.  You can use 911 to find this.  Stand outside in front of your front door and press a situation button and answer yes.  The google link will come up with the numbers,  Those numbers are the XY location of your home. 911 can enter those numbers into their system to very accurately locate you).

(  D.. Your Name, age, Martial status, race, sex represented by MWM for a married white male.  If your 911 has 911ip direct digital line, you can send a selfie.

3. Phone  Number:  This usually 911 but it can be a 10 digit number.   911ip  system automatically brings up a Call button with the automatic Test Message screen.

4.  Contacts: This is were you set up contacts to send the Text Messages to.

The contacts must match the contacts in your phone contact list.  But if they are not on the phone list it does not matter.

Android. How it works.

You press and hold down  a Situation button for a half second like Abducted, to start the system process.

Tracking: The Set Intervals and  Set Counter are for Situations like Abducted.

You can set  the number of  minutes until the system automatically  sends your new location and how many times to repeat that process.

This is a patent pending process because as you travel you may cross many jurisdictional lines.

The 911ip system allows each 911  jurisdiction to receive that Text with the new locations..

911ip’s Nation Wide system is jurisdictionless and instantly allows 911 to see all the new locations as they are sent from the users cell phone.

Apple Tracking

Because of Apple’s policies a person must press a send button to do anything.

The Apple app is also awesome.

It is so accurate.

So you can hold 911ip’s  “Now” button  and release it  to send your new location to 911 as often as you like. You can be talking to them or not.  Meeting  EMS for long distances would be a great use.

Test Test Test it out on family and friends.  Remember 911ip  has so many uses. Create yours.

Note:NPS and NFS

The other options on the example are for when your Mayor and county officials want to improve their residents  mis routed calls.