How It Works

This is the targeted information your 911 receives. After sending the text message, the text remains on your cell‘s screen. This is to help protect you from your carriers fatal flaws

We hope our users are aware enough of possible situations, they keep this screen up on ready.
You have several options here. Your Text Message is ready and can be at your 911 in 3 seconds with the flawless information to dispatch.
You can then hit the call button to talk. Or, call and then send the text. The Text Message lwill be there before the call.  Depends on your 911. The total time from Situation button to call 6 seconds.

Tap the Logo above to open 911ip


Tap on the Situation  best fitting your current situation. This is automatically  inserted into the 911ip Text Message.  The situation can be edited if you like

Yes or No screen

This screen appears next on your screen. If you answered No, the stored unique information for that situation button with it’s targeted 911 information is ready to send to 911. This takes 2 seconds.  Faster than dialing 911.

Flawless Results
Armed Found Locations
911ip's Enhanced Locating System

When you answered Yes to screen 2, our patent pending locating system instantly started to find your very accurate location.
It takes 15 seconds for GPS to reach a very accurate location. But you can get an accurate location in 5 seconds outside. Inside takes longer. You can see how we handle this with a “Now” button for your location when you need it. You can hold down and release the Now button to send another text message with your New location as you move.
Instant locations can be inconsistent when not using 911ip
We use the time from when you tap the Yes until when the 911 tele communicator answers the call to determine hard to find locations.