A  set area usually based on the city and county taxes that pays for the area’s 1st responders and their equipment.  911 can or can not be in that group.

They only have maps and cell towers for just their jurisdiction. If your call is mis routed into or out of  their Jurisdiction, like Shanell, it can be fatal because they have no way of finding you.  As news explained in the video above.
With 911ip flawless, 911ip has all the information to transfer your call  immediately.
With  911ip found locations,
They can enter your XY into their 911 system and it can put a point on a blank map but it gives them a direction.  With, 911ip, you have the county you’re in, that helps. Because most sheriffs have ways to determine  the jurisdiction.
You see this all takes time you don’t have.
911ip can fix mis routing just like it did locations but your carriers and 911’s equipment suppliers communication districts are not interested.


Your sound asleep and you are awaken by a sound an voices down stairs.

You grab your phone hit the 911ip Home Invasion button and the No as You  go to your daughters bedroom.
She is asleep,  you hit the send text and then the call.  You turn down the volume button so the intruders want hear 911 but 911 can hear you.
You and your daughter are getting under the bed. You are better protected under there. If the intruders looks under the bed, you can blast them with the pepper spray you brought with you is an option.
Help is on the way. You can key a button to let 911 know you are there.
Whispering is an opition.

911 has all the information they need to be there in minutes


You work for a major Drug Store .   This is a real situation.    You are a woman pharmist and work the to 11 pm shift sometimes with another woman as the cashier in the front of the store.

This major Drug store gives  pharmacists  a number to call if a crimnal puts a gun in your face.

Are they liable for not protecting their customers properly?  What about their employees.

But being a smarter than that lady, you set up your 911ip flawless Rob by Gun button.

Your phone always set on ready to the instant mode.  It’s in a place the guy with the gun can’t see.  You can then tap on button to send the Text Message.

It stays on Ready until you are in your car and leaving the parking lot.

Or, CVS could buy a cell with the 911ip system for all their  pharmacies  to have excess to .


All Schools face challenges with safety, fire, and wellness.
We supply all schools free 911ip apps for their chosen teachers to have one. Depends on their safety program.
911ip offers encrypted digital phone lines to take the information we gain from the 911ip’s app direct to any computer any where instantly.  Both over the towers and our ip lines at the same time.
This can mean streaming from all the teachers phones to law enforcement as they come in.


Business should supply their employees a safe work invoirment.

Give them tools like 911ip to do so.

Refineries, banks, real estate, the list goes on and on.

Refineries are high risk places to work. The plant can blow up at any time.  911ip can XY each tower and other piece of the plant to locate employees near those XYs with their exact location to get them help.


They have to Want to

WHY 911IP?

It's Time to stop gambling your loved one's life this want happen to them. 911ip

The 13 year old and the Mother both had  phones.

No parent who has children they are to protect, should not leave the house without pepper spray and 911ip on their cell phone.

The mother could of sprayed the attacker in the eyes then tap on the 911ip Abducted Situation button to start the automatic tracking .

If he got her in the car, the mother should follow him with the 911ip’s automatic tracker sending her current location as she was talking to 911.

911  must  get the carrier involved to track callers and also must obtain permissions.  That all  takes  time you dont have and is not near as accurate as 911ip.

This 911ip could have also gone out to the  family at the same time.

Bad Decisions by Parents

This Mother let a stranger in her house that her three children paid the ultimate price for her mistake.

If only she would have set 911ip to Ready before ever opening the door.

Then she would of been instantly able to tap on the send Home Invasion to 911, neighbors and family .

Its a simple way to protect her children.

The children also had the chance to send the Home Invasion Text Massage.

Selling your home?  Get 911ip

Bad Decisions by Parents

The two sister in this 911 voice recording both called 911  from the living room inside their home.

Both 911 call takers could not pull up the address of the girls .

It took a 3rd 911 call from a neighbor to get police to the scene but it was to late.

911ip gives you a 100% chance for a  better outcome.

But, 911ip preset system gives a 1000 % chance of a better outcome.

The sisters would of just needed tap on the Shooter button without saying a word.

If you don’t have 911ip, 911 has big problems locating you inside your house. As you heard in this case.

As seen on Date Line. Real Estate is not a Safe job.

We find real estate women have no protection system that really works.

We provide silent help that would have saved her life.

She should have walked in the house with her 911ip Future Time alert set to, if she did not pause it in 15 minute , to automatically start sending the 911ip text message like the one above, with her moving location to  911, friends and family each minutes until she was rescued.

Her killer would of not known the Texts were being sent and he had her phone all the time. She stayed alive a couples of days.


Or, use the pepper spray, that is on her key chain, into his eyes and tap on the readied Abducted button when her killer told her, “You’re about to have a bad day”  Same results technology would of saved her life.

911ip would of made the ultimate difference. But, something is wrong.

14 sent videos of the  guy who killed them to social media but did not call 911.

Libby and Abby’s killer is still out there ready to do it again.

Why  didn’t they call 911?

Is it because their parents shelter them and don’t talk about bad things.   What if situations and how to react in those situations.

The parents dont know about 911’s problems.  Because it has been hidden so long.

At 911ip, we do and did something about this crazy world.

Both of the cases are the same.

Haruka  a freshmen at UT Austin was seen on video with her phone in her hand.  Did not call 911.

In her case, with 911ip, her friends could of been there to help her in a few minutes.

Parents set up a Situation button for each of your children going to 911.

The button should have the child’s. detail description.

Plus, 911ip allows Users to send images with the 911 text.   The photos  want go to 911 unless they have our direct digital line.

But it will go to our Nationwide data base that 911s can enter your phone number to retrieve the photos.

If you can get pics of the abductor, car, license plate anything to help law enforcement.  This crime has a 3 hour window.  Time is the biggest factor.

WHY 911IP?

You had a Stroke and Can't Talk. 911 and family got your 911ip Text for Help.
20% of Skiing deaths are from Tree Holes.
Jog with a 911ip Attacked Situation Button
Tap on the Car Jack track button and put your cell under the seat. They want have it long.
911, Where on the lake? 911ip XY coordinates pin points your location.
911ip's Hurricane Navy looking for volunteers. 100 digital lines ready for text and calls.