Officials at 911 have said, you can't RELY ON THEIR LOCATION - SYSTEM.

Steve Souder
Director of 911 Call Center Fairfax, Virginia

"It's really frustrating to understand that someone ordering a pizza has a better, more accurate way of locating their callers."

Debbie McLemore Davis

"I am a 911 Director, we want better accuracy too! We need better technology and equipment. The wireless companies block anything we try to do! They send a lobbyist to change the law to meet their needs, not 911's or the people's! They do not care about safety, it's all about money!"

911 officials are WARNING you ...
Without even an apology, at least 100,000  Americans have died from their locating system since 2008. The carriers continue to go down the same path. This still happens even today.  Until 911ip.

If you don't know your location, your 911 still pays for their 1997 analog towers system to help find you, 40% of the time.
Don't live in fear. Be prepared to handle the situation the Best Way Possible, with 911ip.com

911IP's Mission is to give people security and A Safer and more Well World



Help Saving Lives.

Intro 911 flaws

We Instantly help fix your wireless carriers deadly flaws when you are contacting 911

Each 911ip Situation Button is a Customizable Blank Slate

Customizable Blank Slate to Broadcast Your Flawless Message.
Welcome to one of 911ip's many worlds.
This is 911ip's Safer and More Well World.

Use for an Emergency or even for a variety of other needs.

Setting up and understanding your 911IP for an Emergency is first priority. 

Its so simple your 10 year old should have no problem.  To set up, you copy and paste 911ip’s  four targeted questions into your text message box. Then answer them to help protect you against your carrier’s possible mis routing of your 911 call as shown in the video above.

If Shanell had 911ip, she should have given 911 her XY coordinates and county appearing on her cell screen.  RIP

Everything else is Automatically done for you when you press a Situation button.

You use our button to call 911 when it automatically appears up on your cell screen.

Your 911ip Flawless critical information instantly and automatically appears on your screen at the same time while waiting for 911 to answer.


Your 911ip Enhanced Current Location is found and usually appears on your screen before your call is answered.

Your current accurate location, city, county, zip and country are now on you screen ready to read or sent as a text message to 911.

Also others with photos if your 911 uses our encrypted digital phone lines and is allowed by your 911.

“What is your location” which is always 911’s first question. Why, because 911 can’t find you 60% of time if you do not know where you are.

With 911ip, your location is No Longer a major fatal flawed problem for your loved ones, you and most of all your 911.

911ip’s Text Message can make contact to 911 when  voice calls can not and drop off.  Texts keep trying to make contact for days.



Your street address, XY coordinates, County, City and Zip Code are all automatically inserted into the Text Message.
It usually takes 15 seconds and is within 10 feet of your current location. But, can be as little as one 1 second and as much as forty.

There are many factors that effect satellites locations.  Everything location is used by our Enhanced Current Locating System.  ECLS gives you the versatility to always have the best  possible location to share.

The 911ip system is designed with few moving parts for consistency.
We are dealing with lives not some product.

Your privacy was one of our designs to meet hippa laws.  Most 911s do not even have the internet or normal desk top computers for security and other reasons.

You are given a password to change to your custom password to set up your 911ip system. They don’t want us involved in you changing or issuing you new passwords if you forgot it. We can understand why. Sorry.

Thank You, we spent four years on this very worth while project. Stay Safe and Well.

Our patent pending Flawless and Enhanced Location System will save tens of thousands

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